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Car buffs love their old cars and usually have a lot of money invested in them. We can insure them from the beginning of restoration to mint condition. The only requirement is that they are kept in a garage and are driven less than 2500 miles per year.

Again, boat insurance is very similar to auto insurance, but for your boat. The state of Missouri does not require you to have liability insurance in order to navigate the waters, but it would be the smart thing to do. Liability insurance would protect other boaters and property from your driving. Full coverage as well as additional coverage is available to protect you and your boat in case of damages. Just give us a call or come by for a free quote.
If you are building a new home or office building, you will need to protect your investment during the building process. In most cases the building process involves a loan from a financial institution which would require this coverage to protect their investment as well. When the building process is complete, then we can write a new policy for the business or homeowner.
Some businesses own vehicles that are used in their daily operations. If those vehicles are titled in the business name, or if an individual uses the vehicle primarily for business use, a business auto policy is needed to provide liability protection for whatever may happen while that vehicle is on the road. There are a number of variables inherent in a business auto policy, such as the weight and type of vehicle, the operating radius, the driving record of the vehicle operator(s), coverage limits and physical damage deductibles.
As a business owner, it is important that you have insurance protection that meets the specific needs of your business interest. The Business Owners Policy (BOP), is designed for the business owner who wants property and liability protection under one policy, at the coverage levels that meet your needs.

If you own a small business, then you know that this major investment needs to be protected. Whether it’s a building, inventory, or you’re a contractor with tools and need general liability insurance to do business in the city, you need to protect that investment. These are all things that we can provide. If a major storm hit and your business could not be open, you will probably need to replace that lost income which we can also provide. Just give us a call or come by for a free quote.
If you have a small farm we can protect it whether you live on it or just keep some cattle in a pasture there. We can cover the cattle, barns, hay, outbuildings, farm machinery and equipment. If you have more than ten acres of land you may need farm liability to protect you in case someone gets injured on your property or in case a farm animal gets out on the road and causes an accident.

Individuals and businesses may need bonds to guarantee performance of a particular job or event. A bond is generally undertaken by a third party promising to pay if contractual obligations are not fulfilled. Bonds are generally divided into two types: Fidelity and Surety bonds.

Fidelity bonds are issued as a guarantee against loss due to employee dishonesty. Surety bonds are issued to cover a wide range of actions and situations, and are between three parties: 1.) a principal, or the entity who might cause the loss, 2.) the Obligee, the entity that collects under the conditions of the bond, should the principal cause a loss, and, 3.) the Surety, or the entity that pays the loss, such as the insurance company.
This is not something enjoyable to discuss for most people, if any insurance is for that matter, but for sure not this one. We don’t even like to think about our death, let alone talk about it. But in order to take care of your family in case of your death, then you need to have it. One should want to be able to pay off all debts with a life policy, and anything more than that depends on the age of your children or the lifestyle that your surviving spouse would desire. If your children are small, you have childcare costs to consider along with their education. Your surviving spouse may need to replace your income to maintain a certain desired lifestyle in addition to paying off debts. Just give us a call or come by for a free quote.

This is very similar to auto insurance coverage, but can sometimes have lower limits because, let’s face it, in an accident the motorcycle is probably going to get the worst end of the damage instead of dealing it out. Just like auto insurance, full coverage will protect your motorcycle for damages sustained by windstorm, hail, fire, theft, etc. or from an accident. When full coverage is purchased, another common coverage available is on accessories for the motorcycle. Just give us a call or come by for a free quote.

If you rent/lease a house/apartment there is no coverage on your contents or personal property provided by your landlord because they don’t have an insurable interest in your things. You can insure your things for fire, lightning, windstorm, theft, etc. so if something happens you don’t have to start all over. Just give us a call or come by for a free quote.

This is a form that may be required by the state of Missouri for several different reasons. If you had an at-fault accident and did not have insurance at the time, the state will require you to have this notifying them that you have insurance. The SR22 form is usually required for a specific period of time. If you have received citations for not having liability insurance or for an alcohol-related offense the state may require you to file an SR22. We can provide this for you.

Why Umbrella - We know accidents happen, but what happens if you get sued for more than your current limits?
  • Imagine you're driving a few members of your child's soccer team and have an accident.
  • Or your big, friendly dog knocks down an elderly neighbor who breaks a hip.
  • What if you're sued for something entirely frivolous? An attorney charges $250/hr, but you can protect yourself for about that much money per year with umbrella insurance. Remember, you don't have to be a millionaire to be sued like it.

Who benefits? - Everyone! There is so much risk today, especially for those who:
  • Own a home, have a steady income or retirement savings.
  • Have children, teens, or students away at college.
  • Own or use a car, ATV, boat, motorcycle, RV or a golf cart, have animals, firearms, a pool or a trampoline, etc.
  • Use social media, participate on a board or HOA.
  • Carpool, entertain, have teen babysitters, host sleepovers.

Great protection - Umbrella is extremely affordable and provides peace of mind so you can rest easy. True umbrella policy, not just excess liability, which means it:
  • Protects you and your household anywhere in the world.
  • Provides legal defense coverage on top of the limit of liability.
  • Drop down protection when other insurance may not apply.
  • Very broad coverage with open perils protection, so if it's not specifically excluded, you've got protection against life's unexpected surprises.

Sometimes the regular limits of liability insurance are not enough if you or someone in your household causes an accident. Umbrella policies provide extra coverage for you over and above your regular limits of liability. These are available in $1 million increments and are not as expensive as what you might think. The prices are based on what type of risks that you have such as number of vehicles, motorcycles, boats and youthful drivers in the household. If an unfortunate event occurred, you would be very glad you had an umbrella in place to protect your net worth.

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