Why Umbrella - We know accidents happen, but what happens if you get sued for more than your current limits?

  • Imagine you're driving a few members of your child's soccer team and have an accident.
  • Or your big, friendly dog knocks down an elderly neighbor who breaks a hip.
  • What if you're sued for something entirely frivolous?
  • An attorney charges $250/hr, but you can protect yourself for about that much money per year with umbrella insurance. Remeber, you don't have to be a millionaire to be sued like it.

Who benefits? - Everyone! There is so much risk today, especially for those who:

  • Own a home, have a steady income or retirement savings.
  • Have children, teens, or students away at college.
  • Own or use a car, ATV, boat, motorcycle, RV or a golf cart, have animals, firearms, a pool or a trampoline, etc.
  • Use social media, participate on a board or HOA.
  • Carpool, entertain, have teen babysitters, host sleepovers.

Great protection - Umbrella is extremely affordable and provides peace of mind so you can rest easy. True umbrella policy, not just excess liability, which means it:

  • Protects you and your household anywhere in the world.
  • Provides legal defense coverage on top of the limit of liability.
  • Drop down protection when other insurance may not apply.
  • Very broad coverage with open perils protection, so if it's not specifically excluded, you've got protection against life's unexpected surprises.

Sometimes the regular limits of liability insurance are not enough if you or someone in your household causes an accident.  Umbrella policies provide extra coverage for you over and above your regular limits of liability.  These are available in $1 million increments and are not as expensive as what you might think.  The prices are based on what type of risks that you have such as number of vehicles, motorcycles, boats and youthful drivers in the household.  If an unfortunate event occurred, you would be very glad you had an umbrella in place to protect your net worth.